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a community for skins fanmixes

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We all know that Skins is more than just a show - it's a window into the lives of ordinary teenagers with extraordinary lives. Part of what makes their lives so exceptional is the music that is incorporated into the show. This community is dedicated the blending of music and Skins through fan mixes, which usually center on specific characters or ships in a fandom. With the new series just beginning and the old series gaining popularity in the US, I have a feeling that more Skins fan mixes are going to pop up, and they all need a place to live: skinsmix. :)

+ Please follow the format detailed in this post when posting your mixes.
+ Leave the tagging to me!
+ Keep all posts members only.
+ Mixes pertaining to all three series are welcome, as well as mixes pertaining to the actors of Skins.
+ Please delete all music you download 24 hours after downloading it, for your own legal protection.
+ NO REQUEST POSTS. Any such posts will be deleted immediately.